Character Bios


Sebastian Jalek
Age – Twenty-three
Alignment – Unknown, even to him.

Sebastian is an adventurer who’s been put through the paces. When he started his life of thrill, excitement and reward, he had no idea what he was in for. After a few years of adventuring with two others (to be named at a later date), he got in a bit deep in a conspiracy that was way above him. He was forced into hiding for a year, at which point he emerged, ready to go back on the hunt for evil. The first evil he found was Xaneth, who promptly recruited him onto his side. Now, Sebastian fights for the infamous demon, unsure of where his heart truly lies- but getting closer to the answer every day. He’s also a skilled alchemist.


Xaneth Antaris
Age – Unknown (looks mid thirties)
Alignment – Evil

Xaneth has come very close to mastering the art of being a successful villain. He does just enough to stay infamous and powerful, while not doing too much to draw the attention of the really big-name heroes. He plans everything in advance, he’s patient, and he only ever puts himself in harms way if there are no other options- and even then, he’s rarely ever in any real danger. Xaneth thinks only of himself, and anything he says or does seemingly to benefit another only means that there’s some level of personal gain in it for him as well. He’s also devilishly charming.



Elia Redscallion
Age – Eighty-seven (looks early twenties)
Alignment – Evil

Elia was born into wealth. Her family was very influential, and she was given only the best growing up, to one day take over her parents’ estate. That was the plan, until the family found out that Elia had something of an untamable bloodlust, and murdered several other very influential people. They covered for her actions for as long as possible, but when the time came, they had to watch their own backs. Elia was put to death- or would have been, had Xaneth not intervened while looking for a new partner. He helped Elia channel her bloodlust towards more useful tasks than senseless murder, and taught her the art of necromancy so that she could preserve her own life- and be a valuable asset to Xaneth. She’s also surprisingly compassionate.



Mia Jalek
Age – Six
Alignment – Neutral

Mia isn’t really Sebastian’s daughter- but takes his last name upon being rescued from a burning village by Sebastian. Mia never knew her parents, never had many friends, and never had a privileged life of any kind. She lived in the cellar of a tavern, eating any scraps the bartender threw down to her. Another unique feature about Mia, aside from being tiny and adorable, thus making her invulnerable to all but the most heartless of aggressors, is that she attracts wisps from the spirit realm to her person, so that whenever she chooses to build something (more frequently than you’d guess), it comes to life. She’s also a bright, cheery optimist.


Bayn Pheonix
Age – Eighty-eight (looks- well it’s confusing)
Alignment – Evil

Bayn comes from a long line of powerful spellcasters. One of Xaneth’s original partners, Bayn has seen the best and the worst that being a villain has to offer. And when age got the best of him, he wanted out. Bayn retired to a small home in the middle of nowhere. Then, a whole lot of crazy nonsense went down (read the comic!), and he got turned into a small child again. Now that age is no longer a factor, he got inadvertently roped into working for Xaneth once more, now having only simple magical abilities. He’s also in a pretty consistent bad mood about everything.


Dexter Pheonix
Age – Two hundred and sixty seven
Alignment – Whacky

Dexter is the lively father of Bayn Pheonix, and he is all shenanigans. Nobody knows how he’s as old as he is, why he’s as powerful as he is, or why he doesn’t seem to care about good or evil one way or another. But that doesn’t stop him from messing around with his son, and his son’s companions, whenever he feels like it would be fun. Dexter is a man of whimsy and mirth, but Gods help you if you get on his bad side. He will curse you so hard.


Age – About a month old.
Alignment – Mia

Tom, though technically not a golem by traditional definition, is a walking, sentient, metal construct that acts under Mia’s wishes. Mia built him out of a pile of scrap metal in about five minutes, baffling all present. Though sentient, he is very primitive, and can’t read, write, or even speak. Tom is powerful, knows no fear, no pain, and has learned at least to respond to his own name. He’s also insanely cool.


Gray (unless you notice things that are in plain sight)
Age – Unknown (looks mid-thirties)
Alignment – Good

The Paladin may not be the most magically adept warrior around, but he’s a force to be reckoned with. He built a golem powered by light magic, and he commands a formidable army. Nobody quite knows where he came from; he’s just always been there. He defends the world as a warrior of God, hunting down and stamping out evil. Needless to say, he’s a thorn in Xaneth’s side. He’s also an incredibly skilled swordsman.