True Artists

Joshua Kurtz

Josh is, first and foremost, a storyteller. There's nothing he loves more than telling a good story, except maybe telling a bad story for people to laugh at. He likes to look at True Villains as the best parts of both. When he's not making up new ideas for musicals, writing comics or "saving he world" from "terrible monsters", Josh enjoys giving people copious high fives, and piles of impossibly optimistic advice. His favorite food is the souls of the innocent, and his favorite drink is sparkling grape juice. One of his actual real-life non-joking goals is to see True Villains the Musical produced by someone that isn't him.

Madison Hughes

Madison loves you. She loves everyone, really, and since you are part of everyone, she loves you, reader. Madison is continuously enchanted by the kindness of the True Villains readers, and loves to be part of this creation process, and loves to write. She had better love it, as she is going to school for it. When not writing, Madison consumes media and analyzes it critically to better hone her own skills, and also because it is fun. She grew up on webcomics, TV shows, and movies, and hopes to inspire people with her creations as she has been inspired in her life.

Max Karpsten

When Max isn't getting distracted by his own reflection, he spends his days drawing, animating, drinking tea, talking about Spider-Man, thinking about Spider-Man, and pretending he is Spider-Man. He is the main drawing-guy for True Villains, and has plans to slowly take over the entire comic, through cunning subterfuge. Max hates sunlight, beaches, and smiling. His favourite colour is very washed-out blue. Max got distracted by his reflection more than twice while writing this.

Darren Urmey

Darren is a pretty cool guy. He occasionally colors True Villains pages, but mostly just colors the Saga covers and sometimes helps with design related things and puns for saga titles. In the vast amounts of time he isn't helping, he repeatedly tries to bring back Sindal as a main character and sun blower-upper. Darren is a game designer and programmer, and has also made recent attempts at writing his own comic for some reason. Darren likes Star Wars, Legend of Zelda, Batman, Spider-Man, and chewing bubble gum like his life depends on it. Max got distracted by Darren's reflection more than twice while reading this.